Steepletone SMC1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording

If you were a fussy homeowner, then you would surely want everything in your home – from furniture to décor, carpets to curtains – to complement or match in style, color, and even in theme. Of course, the choice of style would depend on your preference. Nevertheless, that would normally depend on an underlying theme or motif that you have planned for your house.

If you see yourself veering towards a mash-up of vintage and modern knick-knacks for your home, then you are in luck. Nowadays, even makers of music systems expertly combine vintage and modern features. Take the example of the Steepletone SMC1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 Recording.

This beauty combines the most advanced features like a CD player, CD burner, USB port, SD card slot, LCD display, and full push-button controls with a classic 3-speed turntable. Hence, if you still have some good old records in your collection, you can happily listen to these classics as you enjoy your downtime.

It has a cassette player and an FM stereo analogue radio. The Steepletone SMC1033 6-in-1 Music System with CD & MP3 RecordinSteepletone SMC1033 6-in-1 Music System also allows you to record tracks from a vinyl record, a cassette tape, or a CD to a CD or MP3. The front aux-in jack also makes it possible for you to connect the music system to an external audio player.

You would have a grand time listening to your favorite songs with the enhanced audio quality that you get from the X-Bass Button. You can even connect it to a subwoofer through the integrated subwoofer socket. With two color choices of silver or black, this piece would be an intelligent addition to your home entertainment system.

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